ore: 9:00 - 19:00


Palazzo dei Priori
Piazza dei Priori

Saturday 11 June sees the opening to the public of the exhibition ‘Raffaello Gambogi (1874-1943): art and sublimation‘, on the occasion of its recognition as the first Tuscan City of Culture

In the thirteenth-century Palazzo dei Priori, the oldest municipal palace in Tuscany, the exhibition tells the artistic and human story of the painter Raffaello Gambogi, from the years of his training at the Royal Institute of Fine Arts in Florence under the guidance of his master Giovanni Fattori, to the tormented period preceding his death in his native Livorno in 1943.

Gambogi repeatedly stayed in Volterra, in an attempt to cure his depression in the psychiatric hospital. In addition to the canvases realised in this period depicting a sunny and colourful Volterra, special attention has been paid to the documents and medical reports from the former asylum, directed at the time by Luigi Scabia and called Frenocomio di San Girolamo, when the artist was under the care of Professor Eugenio Tanzi.
Finally, part of the exhibition will be reserved for the presentation of works by his wife, the Finnish painter Elin Danielson, who shared his private and professional life and died in 1919.



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