Exhibition “Kryptòs. Deception and camouflage in the animal world” – Calci Natural History Museum

01/11/2023 - 12/11/2023 ore: 9:00 - 19:00

Museo di Storia Naturale, Via Roma, Calci

The new exhibition “Kryptòs. Deception and camouflage in the animal world” set up from 17 March to 12 November at the Natural History Museum of Calci recounts this fascinating world with a selection of interesting live animals: frogs, leaf insects, mantids and spiders with surprising liveries, presented inside large furnished terrariums that reproduce the natural environment of the species housed (all born in captivity and not dangerous).

In the first part, the exhibition illustrates the adaptations that animals develop to blend in with the environments in which they live; in the second part, it shows the colourful warning colours and the most refined forms of deception. Finally, the last section recounts the different ways in which animals see the world and explains the reason for some curious liveries.

It is also enriched by large-format photographs and wall-mounted video projections that recount the secret life of the species present.

The exhibition is curated by Emanuele Biggi and Francesco Tomasinelli, naturalists, professional photographers and authors of several scientific exhibitions.

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