16/06/2023 - 18/06/2023


La casina di Chiara

Archaeological Days in Europe, run by France’s Institut national de recherches archéologiques préventives (National Institute for Preventive Archaeological Research), will take place throughout Italy . History buffs or just curious people, as a family or with a class, can discover research and archaeological heritage.

In the Terre di Pisa, the Tectiana Archaeological Group organises the programme ‘The Field of Emotions’ at La Casina di Chiara, in Montacchita (near Palaia):
17 June: 6 p.m., presentation of the European Archaeology Days and inauguration of the photo exhibition ‘The School of the Past’
18 June: 5 pm, ArchaeoLaboratori Didattici ‘Mettiamo insieme i cocci’ (‘Let’s put the shards together’)
19 June: 5 p.m., Archaeotrekking: visit to the places of worship on Mount Achita (Montacchita) with local historian Roberto Boldrini

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