Dinner in White – Cena Bianca | Volterra

02/07/2022 ore: 19:00 - 23:00

Piazza dei Priori, Volterra

The ‘Dinner in White’ takes place in the wonderful setting of Piazza dei Priori. Few but important rules: dress in white and get cutlery and crockery (if you do not have them, they will be provided) and bring your own food or buy it in Volterra at the catering establishments (see end of page those with agreements).

Reservations are necessary and you must arrive 10 minutes before the start of the dinner, scheduled for 19.30. We kindly ask you to take away dirty dishes and remains of the meal at the end.
During the performance, people are invited to sit and be quiet. At the entrance to Piazza dei Priori coming from Via Turazza there will be a reception point where you can leave your booking receipt or make your donation.

Takeaway food and drinks can be purchased from:
Restaurant: Osteria dei Fornelli tel. 0588 88641
Porgi l’altra pancia tel. 0588 80006
L’Ottopizzorante tel. 0588 070053
Pastinaca Vegetarian restaurant tel. 0588.324962
Some wine: La cantina di Fabio tel. 0588 86246
Sandwiches and dessert: Chic & Shock tel. 331 646 7132
Bar L’Incontro tel. 0588 80500


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