Teatro del Silenzio
Via dell'Uccelliera
56100 Lajatico

The Corona Sunsets Festival has existed in South Africa since 2016, but from this year it will touch locations all over the world: open to all, live music, drinks, food. All in front of the most spectacular sunsets. The star of the evening is the sunset: all the festivals will be held in iconic locations framed by nature.

The Italian stage in the Terre di Pisa

One of the best sunsets in the world could only be in Italy: on 22 July it will be at the Teatro del Silenzio in Lajatico. The location, created at the behest of Andrea Bocelli – who is its Honorary President – is a completely open-air amphitheatre in the hills of the Terre di Pisa where a musical programme full of artists of national and international appeal will play in the late afternoon until sunset.

Each stage has been selected to offer guests the opportunity to witness the world’s most breathtaking sunsets from the front row. Along with the music, many activities will accompany the evening: Corona-themed drinks, local vegan food and more, and face painting. Participants will be able to engage with NGOs and leading sustainability experts to learn best practices and adopt more sustainable ways of life. Plus, for the occasion the event will be zero single-use plastic.

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