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On the last Friday in September, ‘Bright: the Researchers’ Night in Tuscany‘ returns. And precisely in Tuscany it is called BRIGHT-NIGHT, from the acronym ‘Brilliant Researchers Impact on Growth Health and Trust in research’.

As per tradition, the event will take place in the city centre, where citizens will be able to meet researchers. Five ‘Research Squares’ will be set up in Logge dei Banchi/Piazza XX Settembre, Largo Ciro Menotti, Piazza Dante, Piazza dei Cavalieri and Piazza Santa Caterina, each dedicated to a macro-theme: There is no planet B; What are we eating?; Are we ready for emotional robots?; Space Odyssey; Art, cultural memory and social change.

Each square will offer workshop and interactive activities, talks on topics related to current affairs, a space for children with games, experiments and quizzes, and a corner to present local craft products connected with the world of research. In the morning, the university departments and buildings will be open to visits by school students for workshops, activities and experiments dedicated to them.

In the afternoon, Bright’s programme also includes “Walks with Science” dedicated to citizens, families and children interested in discovering or investigating places, stories and curiosities of the city accompanied by researchers.


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