ore: 19:00 - 23:59


Centro storico Palaia
centro, piazze e luoghi limitrofi

Born in 2015 as a festival dedicated to wine and love, “Bacco Palaia e Venere” reaches its 6th edition this year. Street food, street shows, food and wine tasting, live music, entertainment for children and families are the ingredients of this initiative that enlivens the village of Palaia every year, on the first Sunday of September from 19:00 until late at night

The idea for the Red Night arose from the observation of the fresco in the council chamber by the painter Luigi Ademollo. In the fresco, two nymphs clip Cupid’s wings and steal his bow and arrows, so that he can no longer dart women and men, inflaming their hearts with passion. From this depiction, so rich in symbolism and legends

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