24 July 2020
ore: 20:30 - 23:30


Teatro del Silenzio
Via dell'Uccelliera
56100 Lajatico

The concert event by Andrea Bocelli at Teatro Del Silenzio, the exclusive event that takes place every year on the hills of Lajatico, between Pisa and Volterra, Maestro Bocelli’s hometown doubles the date!

Date: 24th July 2020, titled “The mistery of beauty – Il mistero della bellezza”

Start: h. 8.30 pm

The artistic direction of the 14th edition of the Teatro del Silenzio will be signed once again by Luca Tommassini a visionary guru artist, former choreographer of X Factor, collaborator of Madonna and Michael Jackson: whom makes a happy return, to The Teatro del Silenzio on the same magic stage where he led the artistic direction in 2016 (“Le Cirque”) and in 2017 (“The song of the earth”).

Andrea Bocelli is the absolute protagonist of this show, landlord and honorary president of this supreme event, in the natural amphitheater in the hills of Lajatico, his birthplace.

This year the most beloved Italian tenor in the world will be joined – in the dual engagement of July 25th and 27th – by his son Matteo Bocelli, rising star of international pop, from the extraordinary success obtained with the song “Fall on me”, duet interpreted together with his father.

The best of the best is in the program: a multi-sensory experience that will reinvent opera by offering the greatest composers, the most beloved songs and the most popular “classics”, presented within an innovative format that will symbolically take the audience by the hand, within spectacular moving sets that are, currently, unparalleled. It is a memorable journey, to be taken – as always – alongside Andrea Bocelli, through the places where he was born and where many of his dearest loved ones still reside.

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Andrea Bocelli Concert “The mistery of beauty”, 15th edition | Teatro del Silenzio, Lajatico


“Ali di libertà” is an idea by Alberto Bartalini, eclectic architect, inventor and artistic director of the Teatro del Silenzio. The title – the same as the renowned song from the album “Yes” by Bocelli – refers to the most ancient and powerful aspiration of humanity … Inspired by Leonardo’s 500th anniversary, the evening will express a pyrotechnic celebration of flight and the desire to bypass the borders: from the myth of Icarus to the flying machine of Leonardo da Vinci, from the faithful and rebellious angels of many religious traditions to the cosmic challenges of the third millennium.


Teatro del Silenzio previous shows  : Andrea Bocelli presents the concert in the wonderful setting of the Theatre of Silence in Lajatico, his birthplace. Since 2006, the spectacular natural basin has welcomed leading artists such as Laura Pausini, Noa, Lang Lang, Nicola Piovani, Placido Domingo, Toquinho, Zucchero, Elisa, José Carreras, and Katherine Jenkins. Not only music, but also a stage for dancing: indeed, dancers like Roberto Bolle and Eleonora Abbagnato have performed here. And figurative arts as well, with artists such as Igor Mitoraj and Arnaldo Pomodoro who have dedicated their works to various shows that took place here. The “Teatro del Silenzio” comes to life among the picturesque hills of Lajatico, a small jewel in the Volterra countryside, which remains intact and in perfect harmony for the rest of the year. The structure of the theatre is set up specifically for the event and dismantled immediately after the show, in order to return the hill to its natural look.