Walking Day in the olive trees | Buti and Vicopisano

29/10/2023 ore: 15:00 - 18:00

Centro storico Vicopisano, centro, piazze e luoghi limitrofi, Vicopisano

The 123 “Oil Towns” organize the 3rd edition of the “Walking Day in the olive trees”: open air walks surrounded by olive trees, visits to oil mills, tasting of extra virgin olive oil and much more at the discovery of a surprising landscape.
Many itineraries on the last Sunday of October for a 2km-5km walk through places and areas connected with the so called “green gold”. Each municipality has selected a route finishing in a olive mill or a farmhouse or a historic site with a tasting of local olive oil and typical products.

In the  Terre di Pisa, Buti, and Vicopisano have joined the initiative

Program in Buti, discovering the golden Mount
Meeting point: Piazza Garibaldi hs 9:30 am
Duration 2 hours
Distance 4,50 Km – Mudium difficulty
Info: 0587 722544

Program in Vicopisano with the guides Ms Elisa Igneri and Virginia Bagnoni
Start at 2.30 pm from the  Cateratte Ximeniane , hs 4.00 pm  Castellare, hs 5.00 pm arrival at the Antico Frantoio Toscano Del Rio Grifone with extra virgin olive oil tasting.
Info: 050/796581


Walking Day in the olive trees | Buti and Vicopisano
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