02 February 2020 - 25 February 2020


Centro storico Orentano
centro, piazze e luoghi limitrofi

Orentano has been the seat for many years of one of the most popular masked courses of Tuscany. In 1956, the priest Don Livio Costagli decided to organize a Children’s Carnival to offer kids an occasion to spend some time and have fun together. Over the years, the spirit of the initiative has not changed and the Carnival of Orentano remains a celebration dedicated entirely to children. Manual skills, imagination, creativity, and the locals’ love for their town are the ingredients that have made this event grow. The carnival floats, larger and more numerous every year are inspired by the children’s favourite Disney characters, and are made by the many people of the town who every year spend most of their free time constructing them. Music, serpentine streamers, confetti and thousands of children dressed in costume are the key ingredients for this famous carnival that has often been aired on national TV channels.

* photo: Andrea Orlandi