13 September 2020
ore: 15:30 - 23:30


Centro storico Pomarance
centro, piazze e luoghi limitrofi

The second Sunday of September is the day of the historic palio of Pomarance. The Palio is not a horse race or a tug of war: the four contrade will face themselves through a contest of theatre performances created by each historic quarter in the big square. The Palio delle Contrade begins a week before. The representatives of the four historic districts meet themselves, followed by their respective retinues, to present the Palio, or Cencio as it is called in these parts, which is the coveted prize that will be awarded to the winning district. There is a different Palio every year, made by a local artist.

Program 2020 under construction

Info: 0588.62089
Pomarance Tourism Office

photo © Mauro Fanfani

Programme 2019

h. 3.30 parade of historic pageant in the streets untile the big square (called “Piazzone”).

h 4.30 pm: start of the palio, 4 theatre performances by the historic quarters (contrade) called Centro, Gelso, Marzocco and Paese Novo

h. 10.00 pm: awards ceremony