29th June at Villa di Corliano| San Giuliano Terme

30/06/2024 ore: 18:00 - 23:00

Villa di Corliano, via Statale Abetone 110, Rigoli, San Giuliano Terme

On or around 29 June, as per tradition, the feast day of the patron saints SS Peter and Paul is celebrated at the Villa di Corliano with an exceptional programme.

h 18:00 Choreographies inspired by the architectural value of the Villa and created with beams of light simulating its centrality during the spring equinox from the main entrance. The dances are accompanied by the Celtic Harp, Flute and Bodhràn and the narrator’s voice contextualising them. The villa has a particular archaeo-astronomical orientation that results in a ‘luminous dance’ at the spring equinoxes. The orientation has probable meanings for the park’s alchemical – initiatory path, created in the 18th century by architect Ignazio Pellegrini, who worked at the court of the Hapsburg-Lorraine.

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