21 December 2019 - 06 January 2020


Chiesa di Nicosia – Ex Convento di Sant’Agostino
Via Nicosia

The nativity scene tradition is celebrated in the church of Nicosia, not far from Calci, in a restored section of an abandoned convent. The display is called Il Presepio che cresce (The Growing Nativity Scene) because every year new characters and settings are added to it. First set up in 1999 and entirely made by hand, this Nativity Scene started with only three figures, the most important ones representing the deepest meaning of the Nativity: Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus. Over the years, other figures have been added: the Kings, the Angels and all the characters that every year surprise the viewers for their connection to the Gospels and with everyday life. The Nativity Scene is open from Christmas through to the beginning of February. Booking required.

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