22 September 2019
ore: 11:00 - 23:30


La Rotta
La Rotta

The programme of this over 100-year-old fair taking place every year at La Rotta (a village near Pontedera) includes in the Brickmakers Museum the lighting of the glass bottle kiln for the making of the mattoni (bricks, Forno Hoffmann), a demonstration of the terracotta masters of Samminiatello, the national Zuccone competition, the chili pepper day, a dog exhibition, and the vintage Vespa, bikes and car exhibition. The Bombolone Festival is a recent addition to the event.

Saturday: opening at 5.00 pm. Sunday: opening at 11.00 am

On the previous Sunday, a not competitive bike race takes place in the nearby park.

Info: 347 364 1480
Gruppo Il Mattone

Whistles and Bells Fair, 113th edition | Pontedera, La Rotta