Piazza dei Priori
Piazza dei Priori

Every year on 19 September, Volterra traditionally hosts the town fair. Stalls of various kinds will be set up in Piazza dei Priori, Piazza San Giovanni and Via Roma.

This is an opportunity to visit Volterra, which has a museum system of considerable artistic interest, which can be visited with the Volterra Card valid for 72 hours. The name Volterra derives from the Etruscan Velathri. As early as the 7th century B.C., the Etruscans founded an important settlement, which assumed the size and power of a city-state, the seat of the Lucumone (the supreme magistrate of Etruscan cities), equipped with a powerful ring of walls more than 7 km long. We can still admire the Porta all’Arco and Porta Diana from this period. Instead, the Theatre, which hosts a summer festival of performances, dates back to the Roman period.

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