In a few miles many jewels of Tuscany to be discovered: this is “Terre di Pisa”. Beyond the Leaning Tower, the Miracles’ Square and the riversides you can discover Volterra, land of Etruscans and alabaster stone, or San Miniato on the Pilgrim Road to Rome and town of the white truffle.

A golden triangle in which less famous villages and hamlets are interwoven, surprising for their genuine beauty. The “Terre di Pisa” give you true experiences and unexpected emotions in an extremely varied territory which from the seaboard touches the Arno plain and rises up to gentle rolling hills, low mountains or rough rocky gullies. A rich artistic and natural heritage, in which flavors and pleasures of good food and drink are combined in a blend of tradition and innovation.

Fauglia | LARP Historical Park Signoria di Montalto

A medieval-themed historical park set between the 10th and 13th centuries for re-enactments and LARPing. Reconstruction of the ancient village…

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Fauglia | San Regolo

San Regolo had a past linked to the wars between Pisa and Florence. Its castle was in fact a military…

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Fauglia | The Villas and the Macchiaioli Movement

The link between the Fauglia area and its villas has roots that are lost in past centuries. Starting in the…

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Fauglia | Alvaro Marioni Museum

Alvaro Marioni (1911-1999) was born in Fauglia. From a very young age, he nurtured a passion for painting by frequenting…

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Fauglia | Luciana

Like Fauglia, Luciana was also submerged by the sea in the Pleistocene. Numerous shell fossils have been found, including sperm…

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Fauglia | Poggio alla Farnia, former Pirandello Study Centre

North of Fauglia is Poggio alla Farnia, characterised by the presence of several residential villas and farms, thanks to its…

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