The Alabaster Ecomuseum tells the story of the alabaster stone, a century-old craft of Volterra from the excavation to production and commercialisation.
The museum, housed in the Civic Museum at Palazzo Minucci, documents the alabaster craft from the Etruscans to the present day.

It illustrates the excavation of the stone, styles and models used by the sculptors, the trading of the artefacts and the story of the travelling artisans who exported the alabaster throughout the world, bringing back economic wealth to Volterra and its area.

The Ecomuseum displays only a small part of the inestimable collection of alabaster sculptures. The visit, therefore, should be be combined with that to the collections at  the Guarnacci museum with many alabaster works during the Etruscan age, or Palazzo Viti, the historical home of the richest “travelling artisan” giving a splendid array of antique alabaster artefacts.


Opening times
9,00 am-7,00 pm

Tickets (until 30/09/21)
Single ticket € 7.00 with Pinacoteca Civica (Art Gallery), Palazzo dei Priori, Etruscan Museum Guarnacci, Etruscan Acropolis and Roman Theatre
valid 7-days at the time of issue. Free admission for teenagers until 18 years

Info: 0588 86347
Pinacoteca and Civic Museum