Montopoli in Valdarno | Villa Varramista

The villa, on the outskirts of Montopoli, is an aristocratic building with a quadrangular plan and a tripartite loggia on both main elevations, one of which overlooks a splendid Italian-style garden. 

The theatre of famous ceremonies

The villa, with its beautiful garden, has been the scene of many ‘famous’ ceremonies such as the wedding of Antonella Bechi Piaggio to Umberto Agnelli and that of her son Giovanni Alberto Agnelli to the American Avery Howe. The scenery is characterised by plants pruned according to the art of topiary into enormous sculptures, elegant stone fountains, japonic camellias and numerous centuries-old plants, including a centuries-old plane tree with a trunk six metres wide.

History, the Villa over the centuries

It seems that the structure, originally built as an outpost against Pisa, was a gift from the Republic of Florence to Gino di Neri Capponi. The famous Florentine sculptor and architect Bartolomeo Ammannati completed the main building, transforming it into an aristocratic residence in 1589.

In 1953, the villa was purchased by the Piaggio-Agnelli family. Particularly fascinated by the place, Giovannino Agnelli decided to hold his wedding here in 1996; after his untimely death, his mother decided to open the villa to the public, to show its beauty.

Villa Capponi is now part of the Varramista estate, famous for its wine cellars which produce renowned wines that can be tasted during the open days.

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