The Palazzo dell’Orologio (Clock Palace) incorporates the medieval Tower of Muda, where in 1289 Count Ugolino della Gherardesca was imprisoned, accused of high treason. The Archbishop Ruggeri, who sentenced him to death with his sons, let the five prisoners starve to death.

The poet Dante Alighieri in the Hell of the “Divine Comedy” tells the episode about the slow death and suffering of the family. According to Dante, Ugolino’s sons  begged him to eat their flesh. Hence why Ugolino is remembered in history as the “Count Cannibal” (although according to scientific data it is not true).

The building on the riversides where Ugolino lived (now hosts the Ufficio Fiumi e Fossi in Lungarno Galilei) was demolished after his death, and on the ground of his property salt was poured and a decree was issued banning any future construction.

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