Villa Gherardi Del Testa is the country residence of the noble Pisan family, built in 1660 by Friar Sebastiano Gherardi, as the inscription on the façade indicates. Tommaso Gherardi Del Testa, a patriot of the Risorgimento and famous playwright of the time, was born here in 1814.

The visit allows to admire the beautiful frescoes on the piano nobile with stuccoes, antique furniture and trompe-l´oeil architecture. The small family chapel, surrounded by a 19th-century terraced garden, cannot be visited.

Still inhabited by the Gherardi del Testa family in the 17th-century part, the villa originally had a double-entrance marble staircase on the façade, and the garden also surrounded the part in front of the façade.

The villa is available for private events, weddings, classical music concerts. It is also possible to organise local wine tastings, lunches and dinners in the presence of Countess Valeria Gherardi del Testa.

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