Casciana Terme is famous for its therapeutic waters, known for particular curative properties since the Middle Ages.

Water at 36° C

The water flows from the spring at a constant natural temperature of 36 ° C and is indicated against dysfunctions of the circulation, rheumatism and arthritis, bronchitis and gynecological disorders. Thermal muds and balneotherapy are used for the treatment of dermatological pathologies and orthopedic rehabilitation.

The outdoor thermal swimming pool boasts 500 square meters of continuously renewed thermal water and its constant depth of 1.30 meters are the ideal place for singles, couples or families. To allow as many customers as possible to enjoy the benefits of the thermal waters, the daily opening hours have been divided into different time slots of 3 hours each.

Casciana offers two spa options: the Terme and Villa Borri in a 19th century manor house. Of the same period the Gran Caffè delle Terme (1823), with neoclassical  furniture and precious liberty frescoes.

Matilde and the blackbird, symbol of Casciana Spa

It is said that the Countess Matilda of Canossa, when she resided at the fortress of Parlascio in Casciana Terme, used to have fun with a trained blackbird that one day fell ill and was abandoned to his fate. After some time, the blackbird miraculously came back healed, with its plumage brighter and more beautiful than before. Matilde, who was very surprised by the event, noticed that the blackbird often went to bathe and drink in the waters of a stream and therefore decided to immerse himself in the water getting immediate benefit. The Countess built in 1112 a place for public baths for the benefit of patients with rheumatism, as reported by the marble plaque attributed to Ciriaco Anconetano. The German name of Matilde (Mathelda) was attributed to the source from which the thermal water flows at a temperature of 36°, the same as the human body.

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