Unlike classic museums, the Ecomuseum is a museum of time and space. A museum of time because it does not focus on particular historical periods but follows a path from the past to present days. A museum of space because it is closely connected with the environment and the human presence.

The Ecomuseum does not merely exhibit a collection of objects, but an entire district, with its history and main economic resource. Set in the area of the alabaster, the museum offers two visiting itineraries:the excavation itinerary and the working/trading itinerary. The former concerns the area centring on the old quarries of Venelle and Venelle Ostini, a part of which has been recovered. The second itinerary stretches entirely in Volterra.

The Ecomuseum is hosted in buildings: the former town hall of Santa Luce houses the Digging Area Archive, preserving the historical and cultural memories of the local community in an archaeological section containing tools and other artefacts, with a virtual educational laboratory. A section is dedicated to the blacksmith’s trade, connecting blacksmithery and digging activity (blacksmiths produced the tools used by quarrymen).

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Ecomuseo Alabastro