Santa Croce sull’Arno | Collegiate Church of San Lorenzo

The church was built in the 16th century in Renaissance style on top of the pre-existing church dedicated to the Holy Cross. Unfortunately, it was severely damaged during World War II. The interior has three naves separated by stone columns, with a rectilinear apse and two side chapels with stone altars stripped of their original 17th-century paintings.

The most valuable work is a wooden sculpture depicting the Holy Face of Lucca, located in the Chapel of the Holy Cross. The imposing polychrome statue, probably made in the 13th century by an anonymous artist from Lucca, is made up of several parts assembled with plaster and glue, painted with tempera paint, and portrays the living image of Christ, with a severe and solemn face, his head slightly protruding due to his forward neck. The somatic features are inspired by the Volto Santo of Lucca, but are not identical, as they appear more synthetic, as does the tunic, which is barely noticeable at the bottom of the robe and sleeves, while it is completely absent from the upper part of the chest.

Another work of statuary is exhibited in the collegiate church, depicting an Announcing Angel in partially glazed terracotta from the early decades of the 16th century. According to recent historical reconstructions, the work was not part of the original furnishings of the church but arrived there later from an unspecified place of worship.

On the right aisle, framed by a monumental aedicule, is a painting of the Pietà, by the Florentine painter Anton Domenico Bamberini, active in the diocese of San Miniato. The painting comes from the monastery of Santa Cristiana and was probably painted in the 18th century.

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