The Museum of the Writing traces the key stages in the history of writing mainly using faithful reproductions to document the evolution of the written works. The Museum, designed especially for primary and secondary school, offers workshops that help students learn the use of writing up to present days.
Children and students touch and manipulate objects and tools on display. By playing with them, they can become from time to time scribes, amanuenses, and stonecutters for a day.
The Museum offers a laboratory for the experimentation of rock paintings, focusing on the evidence left by humans before the invention of writing.
A special section is dedicated to the History of Numbers. When did the humans start to process numbers? How were numbers written in Mesopotamia or ancient Egypt ? Visitors learn about the numbers in antiquity, the rules of calculation, then put them into practice and take an active role.



Opening times
Monday 9.00-13.00
on reservation
Combined ticket with workshop € 4,00

Info and reservations: 3487187908
Museo Civiltà della Scrittura