The Archaeological Area of San Genesio can be found in San Miniato Basso, along the Via Tosco Romagnola. Since the Etruscan era was at the center of important communication routes: from here would later passed the Via Quinzia, then in medieval times the Via Francigena.

The village of San Genesio was the seat in 1055 of the Imperial Diet called by Emperor Henry III and of the oath of political and military solidarity between the Tuscan cities of Lucca, Florence, Siena, San Miniato and Volterra in 1197. From that oath would be born the Tuscan League, in defense of the Guelph side and in the fight against the Ghibelline Pisa.

San Genesio was destroyed by San Miniato in 1248 together with the parish church. The diggings have brought back to the light high medieval structures and in particular the rests of the same pieve, of the century. XI. Near the archaeological site there is a museum where are preserved the materials found in the Etruscan necropolis of Fonte Vivo.

The archaeological area is part of the Museum System of San Miniato.




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