The San Genesio Archaeological Site, along the Via Tosco Romagnola near Ponte a Elsa, exhibits archaeological finds gained from the research of the University of Pisa since 2001. They document the entire life-span and complex transformations of the village of San Genesio settlement alongside the medieval Via Francigena (Pilgrim’s Road) from the Roman period to the 15th century. The few but significant documents include the remarkable Etruscan funerary stone found in the foundations of the Romanesque church. A great number of archaeo finds have been deployed in the reconstruction of the settlement.

San Genesio was not only an important trading centre (evidenced by the many objects and money found in the area) but also an important political hub. Both the Imperial Diet in 1055 and the declaration of the alliance of the Guelph Tuscan towns against the Ghibelline Pisa (1197) were held here. San Genesio lost gradually its importance as a trading center with the growing of the nearby San Miniato, which destroyed it in 1248

San Miniato | Archeologic Site of San Genesio

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