In San Giuliano Terme, respectively in the hamlets of Rigoli and Pugnano, we find two beautiful Romanesque Parish churches.

The Parish Church of San Marco in Rigoli

Pieve di San Marco – ©montepisano

Along the old road connecting Pisa with Lucca is the parish church of San Marco a Rigoli, in Pisa Romanesque style and with three naves (8th century) 

A testimony of the early medieval building is the baptismal font of Lombard production of the 9th century. In the parish church is preserved a copy of a wooden panel depicting the Madonna Enthroned of the 14th century painter Turino Vanni, preserved in the Museo Nazionale di San Matteo in Pisa. The church is a weddings and ceremonies location.

The Parish church of Santa Maria in Pugnano

Parish church of Santa Maria in Pugnano

The parish church of Santa Maria a Pugnano stands in front of Villa Roncioni, Documented already in 1069, it shows the Pisa Romanesque  style and an unusual plant with two naves. Apart from the church, stands the imposing bell tower, destroyed by Nazis in 1944 while retreating.

Curiosity: in the pieve a copy of the medieval table is conserved “Madonna and child” known as “Madonna scapigliata”. The legend tells about a providential intervention of the Madonna during a serious pestilence. To the image is linked the tradition of the young altar girls with long hair. It is said that in this parish for the first time in Italy were chosen female altar servants.

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