Not everyone knows the caves or ravines of the Pisan Mounti, important from a geologic or speleologic point of view, among which is worth mentioned the so-called “Buca delle Fate” (The Fairies Hole“) 185 m deep and 500 m large, the biggest in the area.

Despite the smaller dimensions, the Monticello Cave shows stalactites e stalagmites which can compete for their beauty and quality with more famous caves. Montivello has a constant temperature of 16° all the year. It has been always surrounded by popular legends, due to the presence of steam clouds coming out of the ground holes which, in addition to the nearby thermal springs of San Giuliano Terme, made people think of the presence of monsters and horrible cannibal creatures.

The cave, a private property, is in the borough of Agnano. Easily accessible with comfortable clothes and sport shoes.


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