The Museum starts from some collections of objects of the work and thought of farmers to show and deepen the history of the men who with those artifacts have shaped the landscape, cultivated the food and founded the culture of a territory.

The Museum is organized in 6 thematic sections, associated with the dominant colors:

1.Working the land: the collection of tools for planting, harvesting, storing, weighing, transporting.
2 River fishermen: the nets, the pots, the jacchio, together with the autochthonous spontaneous plants of the Serchio.
3 The vine and wine: the equipment that tells the story of the grapes, the vine and the wine of the territory.
4 Bulls, horses and mules: dedicated to working animals.
5 Ancient Tuscan Wheat: the collection of ears and grains of Tuscan wheat.
6 Straw Hats: the history of the straw hat in the Pisan and Florentine areas.


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