Ponsacco | The Chiesina of San Pierino in Camugliano

If the Chiesina (little church) of San Pierino in Camugliano is one of the most photographed places in the Terre di Pisa, there must be a reason? Take a look at it and get the answer 

Instagrammable: that is?

Contemporary society is increasingly difficult to decipher. Predicting its evolutions is almost impossible. Planning strategies, a titanic undertaking. Without warning, there is a new social network, a new trend, a new sensibility, and everything that was valid until a moment before suddenly no longer applies. Poof. Gone. Volatilized. A distant memory.

Even in the liquid society of image and sharing, there seems to be one staple: Instagrammability.

What is this self-styled instagrammability? And what does it have to do with the Chiesina di San Pierino in Camugliano, Ponsacco?

It does, indeed it does. Because if it is true that Instagrammability means an entirely contemporary criterion by which a given subject (place, object, food and so on) is considered suitable or unsuitable to be posted on Instagram, the Chiesina di San Pierino in Camugliano encompasses all the characteristics to be one of the most Instagrammable places in the Terre di Pisa, all the characteristics universally recognised as ‘Tuscan’.

In only one shot of the Chiesina di San Pierino, in short, the whole of Tuscany would be in it. How is this possible?

Chiesina di San Pierino out of Instagram

Alone on a hilltop in the most typical Tuscan countryside, the little church stands in its soft colours and in harmony with the surrounding landscape. At each of the four corners, a tall cypress tree stands sentinel. Symmetrical on either side of the large wooden door are two small square windows. The red-tiled roof. Everything, in short, in the Chiesina evokes the Terre di Pisa and the Tuscan spirit.

Is it surprising, then, that it is one of the most photographed places? And are the rows of cars with foreign number plates stopped on the side of the road surprising? Not in the society of Instagrammability, a criterion so influential today that it even directs tourist flows.

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