Ponsacco | Church of San Giovanni Evangelista

The ancient church, which already existed in 1374, has come down to us after various reconstructions and reconstructions, the last of which dates back to 1823 to a neoclassical design by engineer Alessandro Gherardesca. The rectangular plan is divided into three long naves leading to the transept, presbytery and apse respectively. On the right side of the transept is the 15th century polychrome terracotta statue of the Madonna of the Snow, attributed to the school of Benedetto da Maiano. To the left of the transept is the Chapel of the Holy Crucifix, a 15th-century wooden work with a fresco of the Passion and Death of Christ. Five frescoes adorn the ceiling of the nave, while in the central dome is the large fresco of the Theological Virtues with the dove of the Holy Spirit.

In the church there is a perfectly functioning organ by the Agati factory of Pistoia, one of the oldest in Italy. Also of interest are many sacred vestments, missals and candlesticks from various centuries. The church bell tower, begun in the mid-19th century in neoclassical style, is curious. It has a steep slope due to a glaring error during construction. On the left side of the church is the Baptistery built around 1400, which underwent various renovations until it assumed its current appearance. Inside, in addition to the baptismal font, there is a bell from 1372 on which can be seen the coat of arms of Ponsacco (then Ponte di Sacco) and the Pisan Weapon, from the ancient parish church of Sant’Appiano that was destroyed.

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