The Medici Villa of Camugliano (also known as Villa Niccolini) is one of the most important estates in Tuscany. It is located in Ponsacco, in the village of Camugliano. A position considered strategic by the Medici, who were very interested in the Pisan plain.

Between Medici and Niccolini

The centuries-old history of the Villa, founded in 1532 by Duke Alessandro de Medici, is intertwined with the events of the characters of the Niccolini family, about a century later. From the inventory of the time it appears that in that period the entire property was in poor condition. In 1634 Filippo Niccolini, a Florentine patrician, showed his interest in purchasing the estate. He concluded the deal for the sum of 50,000 scudi on 23 September 1634. Thus began the recovery and restoration work on the complex. The “Marquis Filippo” availed himself of the help of Florentine architects, taking inspiration from the Medici villas of the late sixteenth century.

The Pope among the guests

The fame of this prestigious residence was so great that in 1857 Grand Duke Leopold asked for hospitality there for Pope Pius IX who stayed there during a trip to Tuscany.

The charm of other times and the strong bond with the territory shine through when visiting the park and the buildings adjacent to the Medici villa, the maximum expression of the intertwining of life in the villa and rural civilization.

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