Camugliano is one of the most important estates in Tuscany. Its secular history is strictly connected with that of the Niccolini family, owner since 1637.

The charm of other times and the strong link with the territory shine through when visiting the park and the buildings adjacent to the Medici villa, the maximum expression of the intertwining of life in the villa and rural civilization.

The current appearance of the villa is due to the Marquis Filippo who used Florentine architects inspired by the Medici villas of the late 16th century. Such was the fame of this prestigious residence that in 1857 the Grand Duke Leopold asked for hospitality for Pope Pius IX who stayed there during a trip to Tuscany.

The villa is private property and cannot be visited, while the villa annexes and the park can be visited.

Some ancient farmhouses surrounded by nature have become vacation homes, with a restaurant of Tuscan cuisine at the Locanda




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