A 360° view from the fortress overlooks most of Tuscany. The current appearance is the result of multiple renovations made over the centuries, to adapt the original stronghold (11th and 12th centuries) to the evolution of military technology, culminating with the introduction of firearms in the 15th century.

In that period the imposing polygonal walls were built. Around the fortress, a fortified village was also built whose walls still show the remains of the two main entrances: Porta Volterrana and Porta San Rocco. Inside the fortress is a mighty guard tower and three large buildings leaning on the walls that overlook a courtyard. Over the centuries, the Sillano stronghold underwent several changes of ownership: Volterra, Pisa and Florence.

Excavations carried out inside the Tower has unearthed pottery, arrowheads, fragments of glass and a sword, displayed at the Mostra Permanente Guerrieri e Artigiani in Pomarance.


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