The Nature Reserve of Berignone covers an area of over 2000 hectares, recognized at European level as a Special Area of Conservation.

Natural pools and medieval fortresses

©simona bottone – adobestock

The reliefs culminate in Mount Soldano, cut by clear water streams such as Fosci or Cecina, which flows in the reserve for a stretch leaving an indelible memory in the natural pools at “Masso delle Fanciulle” and “Masso degli Specchi”.

In addition to a considerable naturalistic interest, the Reserve bears witness to an human presence: the medieval fortresses of the Castello dei Vescovi and the Castello di Luppiano, the latter just outside the Reserve, while the former was the place where the coins “Grossi of Volterra” were minted.

A place to explore

The ancient forests of evergreen trees are home to birds of prey, woodpeckers and many other birds. In the nearby Bosco di Tatti lives the oak tree. The fauna is enriched by the presence of wolves, wild cats, skunks and badgers.

The many suitable ancient paths allow to safely explore the Reserve, to appreciate a forest landscape always different in every season of the year and to learn more about the fauna and flora preserved here.


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