The Museum of Italian Parachutists, adjacent to the “Gamerra Barracks“(home of the Skydiving Training Center), was originally born as a “Sala Ricordi”, in 1971, inside the Caserma “Vannucci” in Livorno.

The transfer to Pisa
After various vicissitudes, it was relocated to the Parachute Training Center of Pisa, the mother house of Italian parachuting. It is located next to the Gamerra barracks, in Via di Gello.

The exhibition route

The Museum, the only one of its kind in Italy, develops through 15 exhibition rooms arranged in chronological order. It occupies an area of over 800 square meters and collects over 3000 pieces including uniforms, weapons, badges, common objects of the soldier and authentic documents that tell the story of the paratroopers of the Brigata Folgore.


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Airborne Museum
050.564509 / 335.1887186
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Free entrance / donation

Opening time
9.30-12.30 e 14-17
Sunday 9-13 (by appointment)
Guided tours by appointment


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