The construction of the first part of the walls around the Cathedral dates back to 1154. The first strip of gray limestone, called “San Giuliano marble”, was erected from 1154 to 1161. The later bands of the northern part and the whole the southern part were built in different periods, from 1161 to 1346, by using local stone from the quarries of the Pisan Mount. There are further interventions during the 15th century and later between the late 19th century with demolitions to the section of the walkway from Piazza delle Gondole to Torre del Barbagianni.

The walls are 11 meters high, about 3 km long and have 4 climbing points 

1) Torre Santa Maria in Piazza Duomo
2) Torre Piezometrica, access from Via Buonarroti, Via S. Francesco and Via Vittorio Veneto
3) Torre Piazza Delle Gondole
4) Torre Piazza Del Rosso

The walkway gives the chance to observe the city from an original point of view. A pleasant walk to admire from above the typical Pisan overview, from Piazza dei Miracoli to Piazzetta Del Rosso near the riversides (Lungarni). An itinerary that surprises the visitor for the beauty of the places, among recovered garden, archaeological and artistic treasures.

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