The Walls of Pisa are the oldest example in Italy of medieval walls almost completely preserved. From a height of 11 meters you discover a lesser known Pisa walking along a 3 km trail

Four points of ascent

There are four points of ascent, three of which are also accessible for disabled people, for a walk to discover a lesser-known Pisa that starts from Piazza dei Miracoli and goes up to the Lungarni or vice versa.

1) Santa Maria Tower in Piazza Duomo
2) Piezometric Tower, inside the university complex Fibonacci with access from Via Buonarroti, Via S. Francesco and Via Vittorio Veneto
3) Piazza Delle Gondole Tower
4) Piazza Del Rosso Tower

Three circles of walls
At least three circles of walls have been ascertained: the first Roman, the second from the high Medieval period and the last (the one we see today) from the Republican age. The almost thousand years old Walls built between 1154 and 1284 ran for 3 km and were wider than the medieval city.

The Pisans had in fact foreseen a great expansion of the city thanks to the development of maritime and commercial traffic of the Maritime Republic. It was a “regulatory plan of the time” resoundingly wrong. After the defeat of Meloria, in 1284, Pisa lost its supremacy on the sea and the following Florentine conquest caused its slow decline.

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