The Galileo Galilei Astronomical Center, owned by the Municipality of Peccioli and managed by the Association of Alta Valdera Astrophiles, is composed of the Astronomical Observatory “Galileo Galilei” inaugurated in 1997 by astrophysicist Margherita Hack, with two main telescopes.

Touching the sky is priceless

By faithfully reproducing the vault of heaven and its movements, the Planetarium proves to be an effective tool to illustrate the fundamental concepts of celestial mechanics and allow visitors to immediately recognize the constellations, understand the alternation of the seasons and the changing duration of day and night.

The Association also proposes, according to a precise calendar, evenings of public observation at the Observatory, during which you can scan the sky with the tools available. In case of bad weather conditions, the evenings are held in the Planetarium.

On particular events, the Astronomical Center of Libbiano is open to the public.

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