The 20th century Italian Garden (Giardino all’Italiana) is owned by the family Venerosi Pesciolini, former “Pomaio” at the end of ‘800. After the first “transformation” of the last century a second one takes place in 2016 and becomes the Sounds Garden of Ghizzano through “The Metamorphosis of Ovid”.

The visit of the garden offers enchanting geometries and perfect symmetry of space, encompasses all the canons of beauty of the style of classical inspiration late Renaissance.

Here are the three sacred plants of the Jewish, Christian and Muslim tradition: Seth, third son of Adam after Cain and Abel, put three seeds in the mouth of his dead father. From the seeds three sacred plants were born: the cypress, the olive tree and the cedar of Lebanon.

In the garden there are two itineraries: the sculptural itinerary “Verde Armonico – Garden” and “Verde Armonico – Room” which sees in the Limonia the ideal location to host, especially in summer, the paintings of the guest artists.

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