The area of the Pisan Hills, particularly that of Santa Luce has been producing a good pasta quality for over half century. Other nearby municipalities such as Crespina LorenzanaCastellina MarittimaFauglia, Casciana Terme Lari, have later started to produce pasta. .

The hills around Santa Luce are scattered by wheat fields, from which the local producers and members of the Cooperativa Produttori Agricoli Pieve Santa Luce get the durum wheat flour (semola). Traditional procedures such as the “pasta drawn in bronze” (trafilatura al bronzo) and the “low temperature drying” make spaghetti, penne or pappardelle particularly tasteful.

The “Pasta Nostram Festival”, taking place every year in September, is the perfect occasion to taste pasta in all its shapes and tastes., combined with the products and dishes of this territory.