The museum, founded in 2003 with the aim of preserving the testimonies and knowledge of the rural tradition of the Lari hills, was initially exhibited in the rooms of the Baldinucci Museum, in the Castello dei Vicari of Lari. Currently the museum is housed in the village of Usigliano di Lari, in the premises of the Vecchia Fattoria Castelli farmhouse, once an important economic structure of the noble Tuscan Castelli family.

It is divided into four sections: open air section, cellar, oil mill, agricultural tools. The spaces of greater impact are the cellar with huge barrels and the “coppaio” with massive terracotta pots of Impruneta for the preservation of olive oil.

The museum also houses a curious permanent exhibition of cribs that collects models from Tuscany, Italy and other countries around the world. Interesting are the cribs set in the Tuscan rural landscape. They are true artistic achievements that lead the visitor not only to appreciate the creativity and skill of the builders but also to reflect on the true meaning of the Nativity and the values of peace, love, solidarity and justice that arise from it. These values are also shared by the peasant civilization that the Museum wants to make known to the new generations.




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