The small observatory is equipped with six telescopes for astronomical research, some of which are available to university departments for photometric measurements, others for supernovae research. The telescopes available for scientific research are: two 50cm and 40cm diameter, one 40cm Newton, two 35cm Schmidt Cassegrain and one 30cm Schmidt Cassegrain. There are also other small 25cm telescopes and small refractors for educational and tourist use. All instruments are manageable from a single control room. Networking is planned in the future.

Far from urban centers, it allows observing stars up to the sixth visual magnitude and enjoys protection from light pollution.

The structure, open on the weekends of the “black moon” (booking required), organizes star parties in the astrophiliac area where enthusiasts can set up their telescopes to observe the sky.


Guided evening tours
from 9.00 to 12.00 pm
on reservation

Info:338 1251198
Astronomic Observatory

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