Excavations and recovery works have brought to light numerous finds of considerable historical importance, such as Etruscan amphorae, bucchero and red-painted ceramics, necklaces, fibulae, brooches and earrings.
In 1999 the Comune of Bientina, in cooperation with the cultural associaton ‘La Torre’, set up a permanent exhibition on the ancient history of the Bientina area in the deconsecrated Church of San Girolamo. The building dates from the first half of the 17th century, The showcases contain finds discovered during excavations carried out in 1957, documenting the presence of Etruscan settlements in the area of former Lake Bientina. Excavations campaigns carried out until 1988 brought to light additional artefacts.
Finds dating mostly from the proto-Etruscan, Etruscan and Etrusco-Roman periods include jar-ossuary tombs, remains of earthenware, funerary furnishings, fibulae, brooches and earrings.
The exhibition is completed by four large explanatory panels illustrating the archaeological area of the Bientina.

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Museum of Ancient History, Etruscan Museum

Opening time

Every month, the 4th Saturday  3.00 – 5.00 pm and Sundays 10.00-12.00 am
Other days on booking
Contact: Ufficio Cultura – Bientina Town Hall, 0587.758445