Pisa | Domus Mazziniana (Mazzini Museum)

The Domus Mazziniana (Mazzini House Museum) is hosted at Palazzo Nathan-Rosselli, where Giuseppe Mazzini died in 1872 after having spent his last years in Pisa incognito under the false name of George Brown.

The destruction of 1943 and the reconstruction

The building, a national monument since 1910 and totally destroyed in the bombing of 1943, is the result of a post-war reconstruction, inaugurated in 1952 by the Italian President of the Republic. Since then, it has been the seat of a cultural institution aimed at the study of Mazzini’s thought, at the preservation and diffusion of his works, among which the six-monthly Bulletin magazine. The Domus offers completely free activities suitable for all levels and can be remodeled and customized in agreement with teachers on the basis of specific educational needs.

On the facade stands a characteristic and original steel decoration that shows a text of the “Young Italy“.

The museum

The Domus houses a museum, where you can retrace the life of Giuseppe Mazzini and remember the most important moments of the Italian Risorgimento with the help of documents, personal items, letters and photographs.

The library

The adjoining library now contains over 40,000 volumes, including newspapers and periodicals, of democratic-republican address, while the archive catalogs over 87,000 documents. The library offers a “Digital Document Delivery” service for users who cannot go to the library.

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