The Consorzio Vini Terre di Pisa (Terre di Pisa Wine Consortium) was founded in 2018 to protect and promote the appellation of ‘Terre di Pisa’ wine and act as a catalyst for the appreciation and development of high-quality wine production around Pisa.

The roots of winemaking in Pisa go back to ancient times, when the Etruscans began cultivating grapes. Thanks to the dynamism of the area over the centuries, aided by the resourcefulness of Pisan wine merchants and the political acumen of the Medici family, wine production eventually spread around the globe, with a precise identity taking root. In 2011, the DOC label was established, the goal of which is to represent the apex of Pisan wine in the municipalities of Fauglia, Crespina, Lari, Chianni, Capannoli, Palaia, Peccioli, Terricciola, Casciana Terme, Ponsacco, Pontedera, Montopoli in Valdarno, San Miniato, Orciano Pisano, Lorenzana and Santa Luce

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DOC Wine Terre di Pisa Consortium