Enclosed in the ancient castle of Panicale, alongside the Riomagno stream, the church was originally named “Santa Maria ad Nives” (of the snow) and then ‘dell’Ascensione’ (of the Ascension).

Built in the Pisan Romanesque style, presumably between the 11th and 12th centuries, the exterior retains major decorative elements and an elegant apse divided by columns and crowned with hanging arches resting on variedly sculpted brackets. The aisleless interior features a presbytery area separated from the rest of the church by three arches.

According to an old tradition, the church was built by a group of ‘Liberi muratori’, the forerunners of Freemasons. This would be corroborated by the set square and compasses sculpted on the architrave of the side portal.

The Church is 3 km far from Buti, along the road running parallel to the old ‘Via dei Molini’ (Mills Road) pathway, leading up to the Mount Serra.

Open on special events

Info: 0587 -723214
Parish of Buti