The church is a small jewel on the slopes of Mount Pisano, just outside Buti, once along the old mills road. In 1273 there was a female monastery that followed the rule of St. Augustine, later transferred to Pisa and then abandoned in the mid-fourteenth century.

In the church was placed the wooden statue of the Madonna del Monte, venerated by the inhabitants and now exposed in the Pieve di San Giovanni Battista. The church was originally called Santa Maria in Valle Verde, then Santa Maria ad Nives and finally dell’Ascensione. According to tradition it was built by the sect of “Free Masons“, forerunners of the Masons, as confirmed by the square and compasses carved on the lintel.

The interior, with a single nave and a presbytery separated by arches, preserves 18th-century frescoes attributed to Pietro Giarrè (who worked at the Certosa di Calci and at the Villa Medicea )

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