Visiting the Parco delle Fumarole means a walk across an irrealistic landscape, among small geysers not far from the cozy medieval hamlet of Sasso Pisano, an area characterized by many geotermical phenomena where vegetation has given way to steam jets, hot water springs, unusual colored rocks.

The “fumarole” , hence the name of the Park, are gas emissions made by water vapor, carbon dioxide and sulphured hydrogen that, once they came out of the ground. they get cold and condense.
They look like “geysers” even if we are in Tuscany and not in Iceland…

There are two visit routes inside the park 

The former is a simple trekking route with free access along the path between Sasso Pisano and Monterotondo Marittimo (access to the Parco delle Biancane), while the latter is a didactic route allowing to see the geothermic phenomena at their natural state. In this case, it is recommendable an expert guide.

During the visit, you can’t miss the so-called “lagoni”, hot water pools produced by a natural sulphur spring, and the “solfatare”, water vapor emissions, carbon dioxide and sulphured hydrogen whose oxidation forms sulfur crystals.


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