Castelnuovo VDC | Sasso Pisano “Geysers”

Entering the Fumarole Park means taking a walk in a surreal scenery, among small geysers. We are here below the charming medieval village of Sasso Pisano, in the locality Lagoni di Sasso, an area affected by many geothermal phenomena with a barren landscape, wild landscapes where the vegetation has given way to jets of steam, hot springs and rocks with unusual colors.

The “fumarole”. from which the park takes its name, are gaseous emissions consisting of water vapor, carbon dioxide and hydrogen sulfide that escaping from the ground cool in contact with the atmosphere condensing into fumes.

There are two routes to visit the Park of Fumarole: the former is a simple trekking route with free access along the path that connects Sasso Pisano to Monterotondo Marittimo (where the access to the Biancane Park is located), while the latter allows you to admire the geothermal manifestations in their natural state. For this reason, an expert guide or companion is recommended.

During the visit to the park you can also see the lagoni, pools of hot water fed at the base by a natural blowhole, and the solfatare, emissions of water vapor, carbon dioxide and hydrogen from the oxidation of which sulfur crystals are formed. As a result of all these phenomena, the land has atypical and even suggestive colors.


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