At the center of an area affected by geothermal phenomena and rich in hot springs at high temperatures (over 60 ° C), is the sacred-thermal complex of Sasso Pisano, to date the only example of Etruscan baths in ‘ancient Etruria. The size of the complex and its geographical location have led to identify the site with one of the spas in the Tabula Peutingeriana (kept at the National Library in Vienna) where the ancient “aquae volaterranae” are represented.

In the nearby Roman Etruscan Museum (Antiquarium) of Sasso Pisano are exposed the most interesting finds discovered during the excavations. Nearby there are three different springs rich in iron and potassium, two of which are among the hottest springs in Tuscany (about 60°), while the third spring (40°) feeds an old abandoned wash-house.


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