Santo Pietro Belvedere, the only hamlet in the municipality of Capannoli, stands on a hill whose highest point is the Parco della Castellina, laid out on two levels.

The historic centre, the most representative place in the city

The historic centre has a circular geometry that makes it special. In Piazza Belvedere, now a pedestrian area, you can see the sculptures of ‘Equilibri in natura’, an open-air art exhibition whose specimens are also on display in the Villa Baciocchi Park in nearby Capannoli.

In addition to enjoying the beauty of the landscape, the village is home to the Church of San Pietro, dating back to medieval times and renovated in the 19th century.

Etruscan Town

Recent studies suggest an Etruscan origin for Santo Pietro Belvedere after the fall of Capua to the Samnites. The Municipality and the Superintendency have started a census of the ancient hypogea in the historic centre of Santo Pietro Belvedere and on the San Rocco hill in Capannoli.

The Archaeological Museum of Villa Baciocchi exhibits many artefacts found in the sites of Santo Pietro Belvedere and Valdera.

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