The name ‘Sardina’ is attested as far back as the 15th century: the present chapel is dedicated to Saint Stephen Protomartyr and stands more or less on the spot where the ancient chapel of San Lorenzo had existed since 1083.

Ownership of the chapel passed in 1455 from the Archdiocese of Pisa to the Monastery of the Canons of Nicosia, near Calci, who, however, did not take care of the small church until the mid-18th century when they rebuilt it in late Baroque style and consecrated it to the Blessed Arcangelo Canetoli, a member of their order. A canvas with his image is preserved inside.

In 1780, the Nicosia monastery was suppressed and the oratory purchased first by the Morelli family and then by the Corsi family. In 2014, the Municipality of Calcinaia purchased the building, restoring it and reopening it for visits on special occasions.

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