Calci | Crespignano and Lato Valley (ANPIL).

The protected area “Valle del Lato” extends within the municipality of Calci and is part of Val Graziosa. Established in 2003, it is located in the hydrographic basin of the Lato stream. The forest cover consists of holm oaks and cork oaks, maritime pine groves with associated shrubs (rockroses, brooms, heathers, and myrtles), and, in adjacent areas, vegetation linked to wet environments (alders, maples, ferns, and mosses). The presence of various springs in this valley makes it suitable for the reproduction and survival of amphibians such as the Apennine frog. In the area, you can still see “metati,” small masonry constructions used for drying chestnuts.

Not far away is the Vallone di Crespignano, named after the homonymous village above the small rocky promontory where the tower of Caprona stands. Here too, natural beauties merge with historical ones. Besides being an interesting area from a geological perspective, Crespignano is home to the medieval Church of San Martino, once owned by various families in the area, and Villa Tellini, a historic manor that stands on the remains of three buildings and belonged to important Tuscan families. Today it is owned by the Tellini family, heirs of the Grassi Mariani Fabbri, who have transformed it into an agritourism estate and oil mill. At the villa, you can find an artificial cave adorned with mosaics and statues, as well as an artificial pond with a small tower in the center.

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