The Villa Medicea stands in the most ancient nucleus of the town, on the ruins of a tower dating back to the 11th century and a medieval fortress of the 13th century.

Subsequently, the entire architectural complex was modified and turned into a city palace. Thanks to its prominent position, the building had the function of a noble residence and land control. A villa with a very reserved aspect, since it happens to meet it almost by chance: in fact, the building remains almost hidden in the web of streets at the top of the village.

The facade has an unusual asymmetrical plant with a large coat of arms in the center and a staircase. The painter Pietro Giarré frescoed the interior of the villa with classical and arcadian themes framed by a refined illusionistic architecture.

The villa has four floors: cellars, ground floor, second floor and attics. As a Medici villa, the garden framed by medieval walls with paths among secular trees, fountains, statues of different sizes and the precision of the gardens  according to the Italian Mannerism

Today the Villa Medicea belongs to the Association of Historic Italian Houses and is ceremonies and weddings location

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